Probate Administration

ProbateThere are so many things to handle when a family member passes. The process can truly be overwhelming, and the last thing you need is a conflict over your loved one’s trust or estate as you’re trying to settle their affairs and tend to your own grief.

Unlike other law firms who only see the legal and economic issues before them, the attorneys at Kiessling & Lesperance see our probate clients first as the sons, daughters, friends and family members of someone lost.  They just happen to have a legal problem that our experience and expertise can help address.

Above all, we place a priority on your peace of mind, and strive to achieve a fair outcome for all parties concerned.

Matters We Handle

  • Informal Probate
  • Transfer by Affidavit
  • Termination of Decedent’s Interest
  • Estate & Fiduciary Tax Returns
  • Estate Accounting
  • Inventory of Assets
  • Letters Domicilliary
  • Special Administration
  • Life Insurance and Annuity Policies
  • Advising the Personal Representative and Trustee

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